To be the region’s premier provider of electrical engineering solutions for electrical transmission and distribution networks, commercial and industrial accomplishments

To pursue this vision, we will facilitate simple and safe processes

Our Strategy
Innovative energy automating electrical engineering enterprise designed on simplicity, reliable, robust and safe cutting edge tested technology in challenging environment to ease installation, commissioning and operation, prevent operator error, provide decent working environment, facilitate instrumentation and maintenance and prevent accidents and pilfering.

In all our undertakings, we offer a strong commitment to innovation, quality, health & safety and training and environmental issues. This positive attitude has modestly claimed gained business from our prominent delighted clients

Our Values
Energy Optimization - The best thing to do is to balance, cost and quality, input and output, plans and implementation, times and budgets, work and life. This is the source of sustenance.

Simplicty - Simple things are a result fo great innovation. We keep it simple and straight. angy undue bend in material implies wastage and higher cost.

Safety - Electricity is a good servant when safe. Our health and safety standards compel a usability, attitude and vehavioral audit through occasional site observation.

Omega General Electricals’ superior technical competencies and customer responsiveness put it at the pinnacle of regional electrical energy optimisation so that users can save energy and money to progress everyday.

We are technical people who project our energies. We aply superior technical skill and guided by our values of reliability, simplicity, safety, creativity and teamwork.